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Carlow and Ireland. The manufacturers of this miracle are Oglesby and Butler. Since that time these two have been producing the portable vaporizers and have been very successful in the same. They have an experience of over twenty five years.

If we talk about the technology involved in this type of vaporizer then it is observed that this is filled with a gas known as the butane gas. The best thing about using this gas is that it can stay for a long time and take the minimum amount to fill up the vaporizer. Thus it is very handy and easy to be used. This kind of vaporizer has a patented gas heater & even a thermostat. If we talk about the temperature at which this technology works then it is observed that it works at a nominal temperature and can be controlled thermostatically.

The iolite Vaporizer is considered Healthy & even Completely Inert. This is so because the catalytic conversion of the gas takes place in any of the isolated chamber in the Vaporizer in order to heat and expel it in form of water vapors.

The catalytic convertor in the iolite Vaporizer turns butane inert & completely separates it from the rest of the reaction thus posing no health hazards. Here's more information in regards to 510 thread Vape cartridge stop by the website. There are certain guidelines that must be followed while manufacturing the iolite vaporizer. This vaporizer is the first portable vaporizer when we talk in terms of its size & even usage.
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